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My week at MMS 2013

Posted by Jean-Francois Piot on Wed, Apr 17, 2013

mms 2013 logo resized 600MMS is already finished. These 5 days flew by so fast.

Obviously, the trip is a long way to go to from Geneva to Vegas, but the week is a non-stop rush! So what were my highlights from this MMS week? I won’t go onto the technical side here as it has been already covered by my co-workers on the blog during the show.

Let’s talk about business.

First of all, attendees. Who are they? How many? It is difficult to know exactly the number of attendees. What Microsoft said was that this year, they were a bit more than 5,000. This means that at a System Center show, there are as many people attending this as there are attending other specific events dedicated to collaboration and social platforms! It is massive.

Out of our scans, we made a lot of them, and the small survey we do at each show, more than 2/3 of the attendees were from the USA, and half of them were System Engineers or Architects. I was a bit surprised to not see more System Integrators or Consultants, which are very common for this kind of show. It seems that here, most of the attendees are “final users”.

In order to get good contacts and try to get new leads, it is definitely a great place to be considering the final customers you meet here often have large infrastructures.

We began the week on Sunday at Partner Day. This year was bit more special than previous ones. That was because the place and the date of MMS was uncertain for a long time. It seemed to many people that some partners weren’t going to make it the event in the end. But they were wrong!

At Partner Day, you have two things to do. Listen to Microsoft presentations and, most of all, meet other partners!

This was the case for us, as we met guys from Vnext and Nextec during the day and guys from Navision and Incontinuum during the night at the top of the Mandalay Bay.

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View from the Mix

It is always good to take advantage of speaking with other companies, see how they interact with Microsoft, how they launched their products, how they are organized, etc. Then, you can compare what you do with others, share your issues and solutions in order to grow your business around the world.

In a word, this was a very interesting day. More information here...

The event itself begins the day after. Booths vary in size from normal (like ours) to very big (Veeam, for example) and you have people everywhere. Contrary to the numbers of events, the opening time at the booth is very short. Only 3 hours per day. But during these 3 hours you will always have someone at your booth.

 gsx mms 2013 2 resized 600

A picture I like to take: The Day before the event..

So in the end, it’s not too much time and we were really able to connect with the attendees.

Regarding our partner booths, we concluded that they were less than last year. Many were focused on Apps, MP management, Storage, Cloud, datacenter, etc.

 gsx mms 2013 3 resized 600

Veeam booth

 gsx mms 2013 4 resized 600 

Attendees checking out other booths at the event

 gsx mms 2013 5 resized 600

A busy time a GSX’s Booth

MMS is really the event of Datacenter Management.

Now for a few words on Microsoft. They merged the System Center team and the Windows server team…And the goal is obvious. You have now one team that deals with every system involved in Datacenter Management from the OS to the orchestrator, to the configuration and monitoring tool.

Their Keynote was impressive in the “Light” scene of the Mandalay Bay.

The message? Manage your private cloud! Use HyperV and Microsoft tools to more easily manage your Microsoft applications. Not bad.

 gsx mms 2013 6 resized 600

Keynote at the Light

In the end, HyperV is now a very good product for VM. System Center SP1 has a lot more features to manage the Datacenter and of course, cloud (private, hybrid or public) is now everywhere.

On Wednesday, we organized our Breakfast about System Center reporting. We ended up with more than 20 attendees. That was our target, so we were really happy. During one hour, we discussed with big customers, system integrators, journalists and Microsoft people about needs for reporting on System Center, how people are doing it now, what are their constraints, etc.

Very interesting. We’ll do it again next year with our final product!

We also met the Program Manager of System Center Ops and some of his team to discuss the management pack with some technical questions. People from Microsoft are very keen to help you do business. A big thank you to all of them.

The last night was at the XS, one of clubs at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. Impressive, beautiful and a night to remember!

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To sum up: A lot of work, a lot of fun and a lot of jetlag when you come back…But well worth the trip! The follow up of the event starts now. Or should we should say, the real work starts today! See you all next year!

Did you attend MMS 2013 and have a similar experience like I did? Let us know what you thought of MMS by commenting on this article…Did it live up to your expectations? Will you be attending next year? 

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