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Create your Management Pack using the Visio Management Pack Designer in 20 minutes

Posted by moncef ghaoui on Mon, Apr 15, 2013

Today I will show you how to easily create a Management Pack in Visio (for a two-tier distributed application with a Microsoft SQL Server back-end database and a Web site hosted on Microsoft IIS). I have to admit that the tool is really powerful and straightforward, so I wanted to make sure to share this information with the community here. Try it out and tell me if you came to the same conclusion!

After having installed the VMPD, a new “Design Management Pack in Visio” icon appears on your desktop.

  • Double-click on the icon to open Visio and a new Management Pack.
  • Select the management pack component and:
    • Name it 'Store Demo Application'.
    • Set the Windows version to “All".
  • Add three “Server Role” components in the Visio Draw pane.
  • Select each Server Role and set their properties:
    • Names: 'SQL Database', 'Central' and 'Store'.
    • 'How to Find' value, etc.


  • Add two Roll-up Containers to monitor the back-end and the front-end separately, then name them respectively 'Back-end container' and 'Front-end container'.
  • Add a "Windows Application" component and set the name to 'Store Demo Application'.
  • Add Roll-up links between Roll-up Containers and the Windows application.
  • Add Roll-up links between Server Roles and Roll-up Containers.
So now we have finished the application structure and we can begin to add Monitoring capabilities...

  • Add a "Web site Monitor" component.
    • Name it 'Store Site Calling Central Web Server'.
    • Set the URL.
    • Change the Alerting to “Alert and Collect”.
  • Add a Monitor Connector between the “Store Site Calling Central Web Server”, Web Site Monitor and the “Store” Server Role.
  • Add a second "Web site Monitor" component.
    • Name it 'Customer Accessing Store Site'.
    • Set the URL.
    • Change the Alerting to “Alert and Collect”.
  • Add a Monitor Connector between the “Customer Accessing Store Site” Web Site Monitor and the “Store” Server Role.
  • Add a "Database Monitor" component.
    • Change its name.
    • Set the database server address and database name.
    • Change the Alerting to “Alert and Collect”.
  • Add a Monitor connector between the database monitor and the “Central” Server Role.
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Finally your work is complete! Now you can validate your drawing using the Validate button in the ‘Management Pack’ panel before generating the Management Pack using the Generate button. Once the Management Pack has been generated, you can import it in SCOM and start using it.

I would love to hear your feedback if you followed my tutorial. Comment on this article to let us know about your experience with the Management Pack in Visio!

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