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New GSX Release brings more Reporting Capability to Exchange

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Fri, Mar 22, 2013

This week we launched the newest versions of GSX Monitor and Analyzer. This release expands on toolsets for Exchange, SharePoint, Domino, Traveler, and BES, demonstrating GSX’s continued commitment towards providing the best messaging and collaboration experience to our customers.

Reporting is critical for IT managers to get key information they need - at the exact time they need it. Here at GSX, we focus our efforts to provide you with the best possible solutions to make your life easier and more productive. 

So what benefits does this latest release offer for Exchange?

Most organizations have been running on Exchange for many years and have probably used various versions of Exchange…

Therefore, we decided it was important to put a strong focus on reporting for Exchange in this most recent development. Thus, our latest release offers you the access to create extensive automated reports, understand key trends and performance metrics for email statistics, enabling users to prioritize and take action. 

What's New : 

Manage Mailbox Quotas in one click by identifying potential mailboxes that are at risk in your Exchange organization. Managing Exchange with many mailboxes can be a strong headache for IT Administrators. The GSX team decided it was important to automate this task using PowerShell commands to ease the life of the IT Administrators. This automation gathers information onto a pre-set report that can be easily extracted to an Excel spreadsheet where you can sort, graph or calculate what’s necessary for critical capacity information.


Collecting information on Mailbox characteristics and quotas is critical for IT Administrators, as it is a way for them to have a clear understanding on how their environment functions.

Track Public Folders growth and better control their usage by checking their size, replicas and owners. We saw a need to offer them the ability a viewpoint on their Public folders. It’s essential to know where the Public Folders are, define their size, see if there are replicas and define the statuses of each folder.

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Other features have been included as well for SharePoint, such as enhanced reporting and availability, managing the Applications Server, Farm and SQL Environment as well as viewing your Web Front-End server at a glance. For more information on the benefits of our recent release for SharePoint, check out this article.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer has a free trial available for 30 days, and you can get it right here.

Further details of this release can be found here.

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Register for our webinar to have a quick Tour of the new version 10.5!  




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