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IBM’s “From Liking to Leading”: Domino 9 Announcement

Posted by Jean-Francois Piot on Fri, Mar 15, 2013

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“Win in your marketplace. Become a social business.” and “From Liking to Leading” are the bold statements headlining the IBM Mobile Software campaign.  

This past Wednesday, we attended the webcast announcing Domino 9 from IBM. The webcast proved to be informative and inspiring, introducing the capabilities of this software to consumers and providing testimonials from companies who have had positive experiences with the product.

IBM believes they are the leader in innovation on messaging and collaboration and suggests that their mobile platforms supersede all other competition. This isn’t too difficult to believe considering that they work with over 50,000 organizations, including more than half of the Fortune 500 companies.


Source: IBM

In the webcast, they explained how they offer faster and easier ways to develop mobile applications by introducing new features annually to help turn your business into a “People Business”. This is an important point because Social Collaboration is being adopted by companies at a rapid rate; hoping to better understand and grow stronger relationships with their customers.

IBM continues to invest substantially in the market leading messaging capabilities.


Source: IBM

Domino 9 promises to help companies adopt big data. By adopting big data, they can direct their social business processes better because they will be well informed. Thus, this social data can help create a new strategic plan for a business, gain competitive advantage and control its overall social presence.

Time sensitivity is vital in Social Business and being able to stay updated on various aspects of your business any time, from any device has benefitted companies to be more efficient than ever… It’s a trend that most businesses can no longer avoid. Especially when IBM’s content management solution improves efficiency, governance and gives you the facilities necessary to adopt big data. Who wouldn’t want to provide their company with the tools that make the most out of their business networks and employees?

“IBM has the tools and expertise to help you maximize the value of social collaboration in business environments, including profiles, blogs, wikis, bookmarking, tagging, activities, communities, shared files, team spaces with content management tools, enterprise instant messaging, online meetings, audio and video chat, email and calendaring, delivered on premises or in the cloud.”

IBM Mobile Software supports social collaboration capabilities on Android Based devices, Apple iPhone and iPad devices, Microsoft Windows Mobile Platforms, Nokia Symbian devices and BlackBerry devices.

Want to learn more? Check out our article focusing on the history leading up to Domino 9, or read IBM’s whitepaper “Social business anytime, anywhere” here.

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