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GSX Solutions can help you get the most out of SCOM

Posted by Jean-Francois Piot on Thu, Mar 21, 2013

So let’s see how GSX helps you get the most out of SCOM by helping you with the limitations we discussed last week...

GSX is an agentless monitoring tool focused on Exchange and SharePoint administrator’s needs. It has been designed by experts to ease the monitoring and the management of these applications. That is why everything is made to focus the alert system on what really matters, in order not to overcharge the administrator by critical alerts that aren’t critical. 

gsx exchange overview

GSX is designed to focus on service level tracking and anticipating critical problems. Exchange and SharePoint experts have worked on the product to deliver accurate performance thresholds that enable administrators to be proactive. 

gsx sharepoint overview

Working with SCOM, GSX enables both – Application and System monitoring – teams to have a comprehensive view on what really matters and to have a set of statistics that can be easily reported.

GSX makes your processes simpler on deployment, configuration and tuning. Everything is considered and application administrators can be alerted before problems becomes critical.
The GSX Analyzer enables forecasting in just one click, troubleshooting and bottleneck identification across all platforms. You can also have reports on any Exchange and SharePoint statistics on the same report! 

gsx trend exchange

With GSX Solutions, SCOM and application teams are working hand in hand on a comprehensive view of the environment. There aren’t any communication problems anymore, as both teams can really understand what the other does and works on. 

gsx analyzer

For a complete overview of our monitoring and reporting capabilities, click here

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