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GSX Usage Metrics Special Offer

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Tue, Mar 12, 2013

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GSX Usage Metrics is our brand new module of GSX Monitor and Analyzer. 

GSX Usage Metrics collects statistics at the user, group and organizational levels for all of your company’s needs. Our suite of tools are fully compatible with Domino 9.

Key features of GSX Usage Metrics:

  • Usage statistics based on any NAB filter in order to create custom groups of users and track mail consumption
  • Usage statistics at the user level
  • Number and size of messages sent and received
  • Check for inactive users
  • Ability to clearly define the scope of users monitored utilizing tagging capabilities
  • Profile driven access to the reporting in GSX Analyzer, which allows self-service reports.
GSX Usage Metrics is a Web Application that can synchronize information about individual users you want to track. This information is stored in an easily accessible log of all users and allows you to see the daily, weekly, and monthly statistics of an individual user’s activity, including the number of emails sent and received.  

This new module is now a part of GSX suite has been created based on various requests by IT professionals. It contains a search engine to create useful statistics.  You are now able to manage the service quality and usage of your messaging environment.  Review, compare and report on usage statistics at the user, group and organizational levels.  Self-service reporting allows non-IT department individuals to check their usage of the messaging environment at any level and it’s available exclusively with GSX Monitor and Analyzer.
SPECIAL FREE OFFER: We are exclusively offering our customers...GSX Usage Metrics FREE with your first 500 users and we'll install the product for you! Interested? Valid through March 31, 2013.


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