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10 Must-Read Resources for administrators during the Holidays

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Thu, Dec 20, 2012

Happy Holidays! And who ever said that holidays reading lists are only a requirement for schoolchildren?
Because we should be constantly learning, we've put together the following list of must-read resources around Messaging and Collaboration environments.

Geek holidays

Technical Resources

  • Whitepaper: Why using a Change Monitoring module is so critical? Click to download
  • Blog post: How to monitor Quickr within your Collaboration environment Click to read
  • Whitepaper: The Business Value of GSX Solutions for Messaging and Collaboration Click to download
  • Whitepaper: The business value of GSX Solutions for organizations with Microsoft SharePoint Click to download
  • Blog post: What’s new in SharePoint 15? Click to read
  • eBook: How to manage your private Cloud environment? Click to download
  • eBook: How to manage an Exchange 2010 Database Availability Group? Click to download
  • Blog post: Microsoft Exchange 2013: What’s New? Click to read 
  • Blog post: Does Exchange 2013 kill third party monitoring applications? Click to read 
  • Blog post: The future of Exchange, the next Eldorado Click to read

Functional Resources

  • eBook: How GSX Solutions employs ITIL to deliver optimal collaboration solutions? Click to download
  • Blog post: ITIL what does it mean for your Messaging and collaboration environment? Click to read 
  • Blog post: Change Monitoring benefits for IT management, Audit and Security Click to read
  • eBook: How to cure 6 common SharePoint Headaches Click to download
  • Blog post: The Ever-Expanding Roles of an Exchange Administrator Click to read
  • Whitepaper: How to better leverage Exchange statistics? Click to download

Podcasts and videos

The GSX Team wishes you Happy Holidays and the best for 2013

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