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How to get the most out of PowerShell Cmdlets?

Posted by Jean-Francois Piot on Tue, Nov 27, 2012

PowerShell is both a shell and a scripting language. describe the imageMicrosoft built up PowerShell to fill in the gap in the scripting and automating of their products. Since the wave of 2010 Microsoft products, everything is now designed first in cmdlets for PowerShell, and then an interface can rely on it (i.e. Exchange Management Console).

Therefore, PowerShell is becoming bigger and bigger across releases and will not cease to grow in the future. For example in the new Exchange 2013 where any change or management of features has to be made in PowerShell.

The services that Microsoft Exchange Server provides are critical to the success of your business. Thus, administrators must keep a vigilant eye on the health of their Exchange environment to make it rock solid.

PowerShell is very powerful, however it is sometimes too complex for complicated tasks, automation and reporting. Using PowerShell scripting to monitor an Exchange environment can be a daunting task for Exchange administrators when they do not know how to automate the main cmdlets. It would be a complex experiment to provide a reliable and thorough monitoring solution.

Tools like GSX Monitor & Analyzer are based on PowerShell cmdlets and transform the knowledge collected into a simple User Interface that shows the overall architecture and allows changes in one click to modify the way the environment is monitored.

During this webinar we showcased how to make the most of PowerShell to manage the health of your Exchange 2010 environment combined with our powerful and comprehensive monitoring and reporting solution GSX Monitor and Analyzer.

Watch the podcast Here to benefit from the presenters explanations. You can also view the presentation and details of commands in the Slideshare below:

To go further, I invite you to find out more about GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Exchange.

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