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How to take control of your Messaging & Collaboration Environments when based in the Private Cloud?

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Mon, Nov 05, 2012

describe the imageThe proliferation of Private Cloud usage in many large IT departments points out the balancing act of maintaining adequate service levels while controlling costs.

The challenge of delivering services through a private cloud infrastructure generally involves several IT teams: System team, SQL team, Service Delivery Management team, application team and Application owner team, and all of them have a different view on the service delivered.

Watch the podcast "How to manage a healthy Private Cloud environment" to see  how GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Exchange and SharePoint aligns the different IT views in a comprehensive and efficient solution. GSX Monitor & Analyzer performs system scenarios, application scenarios and end user scenarios to allow the IT Operation team and the Application owner to get the same result on the performance of the service delivered.

Therefore, they can proactively reduce user problem before the end user experiences a real issue.

Watch the podcast here.

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