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Do you know what is the worst thing that could happen to an admin (Domino)?

Posted by Yannick Goubet on Wed, Sep 05, 2012

describe the imageI was at UK Lug this week and I appreciated the friendly atmosphere again this year- I guess we can say it is a SOCIAL event where people CONNECT as these words seems to be very fashion these days…

Yes, I met there some of our good friends and one of them inspired the title of this post actually. Indeed the well-known Paul Mooney explained during his admin blast that the worst thing that could happen to an admin is that someone who does not have access rights modify or delete a server configuration. This insight is the confirmation of how relevant is our Change Monitoring module, and that explains also the number of questions and product demonstration of our module I had at the booth.

The Change Monitoring module allows administrators to monitor the items that configure key Lotus Domino system components. They are able to identify who made a change and when it was made. So the module increases the overall security of the infrastructure by tracking the impact of changes made, and taking quick corrective action when necessary. GSX's Change Monitoring Module is an extension of GSX Monitor, and it remains totally out-of-the-box and agentless. I invite you to find out more Here or reading blogposts below:

Getting back to UK Lug, this year event was marked also by the Speed sponsoring session that was such an intense moment: it is challenging for the exhibitor while I had only 2,5 minutes (not even a second more, thanks to Paul) to convince the audience, as well as keeping them focused on what we said. In parallel, it was challenging for the delegates who had to listen 12 speechs meanwhile they were drinking beer!

And I would like to end this post by congratulating the organization team for this very social UK Lug.


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