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Concerns for Messaging Admins: The Cloud and BYOD

Posted by Carl Drechsel on Fri, Jun 01, 2012


Last week I listed three items that admins either have concerns or questions on or tend to be a source of daily distraction. This week I’m going to briefly discuss a couple more.  These two topics are definitely at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to both understanding the impact they will have on your environments but also perhaps your job function.

The Cloud

I’ve written a couple of articles recently on messaging in the cloud and there is no shortage of

interest or questions on the topic. The main areas of concern seem to center on three areas:

What will this mean for my job? – Many messaging admins wonder if moving to the cloud means their services will not be needed from a technical standpoint. As it seems many larger organizations are waiting for the bugs to be ironed out before making a large commitment, and
in the meantime, the private cloud strategy has gained a great deal of traction. Either way it means administrator need not worry much..  Public cloud implementations still need engineers but, who can also manage the service and the relationship. In private cloud implementations it’s generally business as usual; however managing the infrastructure takes on a greater importance and mastering some of the latest tools will require some additional effort. 

How do we manage cloud services? - From a public cloud operational standpoint there are a couple of things that need to be addressed. First, how do we know that the service we pay for is being delivered? And, secondly, how can we be sure that the user experience is consistent? It can be difficult enough to manage sporadic performance issues in your own environment, what is the process once the service is cloud based?

What happens to my data? – There’s actually many security and cost related questions around company data hosted in a cloud solution.

  • How do I migrate back to an on premise solution if we so chose?
  • How much does that cost?
  • Who has access?
  • And a host of others….

What are your thoughts on the cloud? Any questions? Concerns? Insights?


The main issues around BYOD concern security and reliability.  Obviously from a security standpoint there are many variables to take into consideration when adopting BYOD as policy. 

  • What is the security policy regarding company data on employee devices?
  • How can we secure data on an employee device?
  • What if the employee leaves?
  • Who will have access?

But once security concerns are mitigated administrators need to consider reliability and performance.

  • How many devices are going to be connecting to our internal resources?
  • Is our infrastructure optimized for mobile access?
  • How do we support an employee owned device?
  • What is the user experience?
  • How can we ensure that service is delivered as expected?
  • How can we determine performance is an internal or external issue?

BYOD is definitely a hot topic right now, what are your thoughts? How has your company approached the trend?

Next week as with this week I will list a couple more of these topics for discussion; in the meantime consider what I posted today, how have these items impacted your company? And, what is your take?


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