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Who let the DAG out?

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Wed, May 09, 2012

describe the imageMessaging is mission critical in today’s organizations; the Exchange server is the lifeblood of the business. IT Profesionnals face a number of challenges in the on-going day to day operations:

  • They cannot afford any downtime or end-user outages that can impact the business.
  • They need to monitor and anticipate overall usage and growth from the user perspective
  • They need to get advanced alerts that pinpoint the source of emerging issue

As a result, IT professionals are rushing to track and enhance Exchange availability and performance.

Manually monitoring and reporting your Exchange might be very long, and repetitive process.You can use some of the PowerShell commands to get a few statistics one by one, and then try to consolidate everything in an Excel file. You can use SCOM as well to gather some of the information. The problem is that these solutions are time consuming and aside from that, you can only collect statistics at a server level and cannot be alerted when a real problem occurs.

Who Let the DAG out?
To avoid this kind of question and reduce IT overhead GSX Solutions provides an agentless, out of the box tool, which is already preconfigured to monitor, report, and alert on the components and services that really matter before an issue impacts the business.

By automating routine monitoring tasks, GSX Monitor & Analyzer enables your administration team to be in several places at the same time, all day, every day. They are freed up to work on other tasks, confident that GSX Monitor & Analyzer is watching and will alert them if critical systems require attention.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer tests the availability, performance and usage of Microsoft Exchange Roles: DAG, HUB, CAS, MAILBOX as well as the EDGE and the CAS ARRAY to provide administrators with relevant alerts and real time overview of the services that your infrastructure is truly delivering to your business lines.

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