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GSX at MMS 2012, Day Two

Posted by Carl Drechsel on Wed, Apr 18, 2012

MMS 2012

Day two at MMS 2012 and things have been going pretty well. There’s definitely a lot more attendees than I expected which is a good sign, there have been a lot of cuts in IT budgets over the last few years or so, perhaps things are starting to pick up a bit.  If I had to sum up the conference in a single word, I’d have to choose Cloud.  The cloud is nothing new, however it continues to be at the forefront of conversation, newer though is the private cloud, and it’s implementation and success requires a great deal of planning and coordination. Fortunately for us MMS 2012 is delivering content that provides great insight into making sure that your cloud solution is managed and monitored ensuring customer satisfaction.

Today’s Keynote focused on the evolution of the cloud and highlighted how System Center 2012 provides the backbone for management and deployment.  A couple of the key points included the notion of Service Providers and Service Cosumer with the deployment and configurations IT Pros being the Service provider and developers or application IT Pros being the Service Consumers.

The keynote also reintroduced the MCSE certification with its new focus centered on the private cloud which will focus heavily on the System Center suite of products.  In addition we were shown a number of demonstrations that highlighted how quickly and easily systems could be deployed once the initial infrastructure was configured. I have to say if things go as easily as they did in the demo IT projects will be that much simpler. The keynote also formally announced Microsoft System Center 2012 and the name for the next server product, which will be Windows Server 2012.

One of my favorite sessions today focused on what is probably the dark secret of IT projects, Why we fail… Gartner ran a study and found that 62% of all IT projects fail in their delivery. What was the reason? IT projects typically focus on technology, not the customer.  As a result IT typically delivers a product that is technically sound, but no one wants to use. How can we fix this? Simple. The business must drive IT innovation.  My favorite quote? “Good judgment comes from experience, experience comes from poor judgment” Remember, IT services need to be designed for the user not the administrator and if you’re going to monitor those services it should include a user’s perspective as well.

One of the other sessions I attended was PowerShell for Beginners. Now, I’m not exactly a beginner but, I’m definitely not an expert either. I was hoping simply to learn a few new things. The presenters did not disappoint, they provided a glimpse at a couple of new features in PowerShell 3.0 and also some existing things that I wasn’t aware of. One thing that caught my interest was the –whatif  specification. –whatif allows an administrator to add the syntax to the end of a command and display what action would be taken if the command was executed. It allows administrators the ability to see if what they’ve entered will adversely impact their systems, nice feature. If you have a chance I would highly recommend viewing the session once the video becomes available.

Tomorrow I have a few more sessions to attend which I will be commenting on in twitter if you’d like to follow @carl_drechsel. Also Steve, Jeff and Adam will be available in the Expo Hall if you’d like to see some of the new features that can help ensure that your Messaging and Collaboration environments are performing as expected. If you see a drone flying over your head follow it as it will lead you to our booth #141. Do not miss the chance to win it.

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