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SharePoint Headache #6: “I can’t understand my user’s complaints”

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Thu, Mar 22, 2012

SharePoint users often complain that the service is slow, that it doesn’t work right.

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Sometimes users are right, even when you think they are wrong.


Because users access SharePoint from the outside, not from inside your datacenter.

For example, when it takes a user five minutes to upload a document, your system management tool may still tell you that everything is fine.

Not only do you need data to make your user experience better, you also need to anticipate their complaints and work on problems before you receive a call.

The GSX cure

GSX acts as a user, accessing Microsoft services and critical sites, to provide you with response times from a user perspective.

In testing SharePoint site performance, GSX again acts as a user, trying to access your critical sites and giving in real time how long it takes to access.

GSX allows you to :

  • Constantly check the performance for all the SharePoint features
  • Be alerted in case of any problems that impact user performance
  • Work on the problem before it really impact the business
In sum, GSX lets you constantly track performance from a users’ point of view, to head off their complaints, and justify system enhancements.


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