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GSX 4L Trophy - we made it!

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Fri, Mar 09, 2012

With more than 6500 km covered in 10 days, the 4L Trophy race ended a few days ago.  It was INTENSE as we have to start off from the south of France along with 500 other 4L cars to North Africa with the aim to deliver school equipment to hundreds of children.

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We were equiped with only a compass, a road book, and a map of the journey. It was challenging from a personal perspective and rewarding from a human one.  
We watched the weather change as often as the landscape- the departure was under snow and the arrival in the desert. Like we said, the route started in the south of France and went towards North Africa. With the Moroccan desert as the goal, we had to drive through the Pyrenees Mountains and Spain and you can just imagine the condition of it all.

We met lots of very interesting people that participate in this race and our heads are full of images and memories of our trip.

It’s the first (and maybe the last) time we participate in the 4L Trophy race and we are happy to announce that we ranked 112 in a race with more than 1,300 participants.

We would like to thank GSX, for its support.

The 4L race is a great adventure that I would recommend to anybody willing to disconnect from the “real life”. It’s a huge breath of fresh air.

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