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SharePoint Headache #4: “I can’t measure the user experience.”

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Thu, Mar 08, 2012

How can you know if an action will improve the user experience if you can’t measure it?

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In order to measure the benefit of any change in their environment, administrators have to be able to measure the user experience before and after the changes. For that, they desperately need data.

You can perform several performance tests alone before, during and after the change, spending days and days, collecting data, but it is going to take too much time and effort.

The GSX cure

GSX constantly tests your environment as a user, performing actions, using web services, checking the availability and the size of your SQL environment, and so on. When you make a change, or undertake a major project, be sure to start collecting data before you start.

You can also be alerted on the performance delivered to your users before and after any change that you’ve made in your environment-

GSX allows you to :

  • Get Data on user experience before, during and after the change
  • Easily customize monitoring and alerting regarding performance
  • Automatically generate reports as a CSV or PDF directly sent to the rights groups



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