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SharePoint Headache #3: “I don’t know if all my sites are in sync.”

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Fri, Mar 02, 2012

bouton6headaches resized 600How can I know if all my sites are in sync?

What we are talking about here is providing trusted data around the world.

Many big companies have large SharePoint environments with multiple farms that require specific tools to replicate across the globe. The Data replication is managed by these tools but how beneficial is a replicated database that has not been crawled in a week, and for which you find a 40 percent rate of unsuccessful crawl elements?

Replicated data must be trusted and indexed -- otherwise you are simply replicating errors.

Providing accurate and trusted data is not only a question of crawling, it is also a question of the information attached to a document. For example, are you sure that the project manager will find the right version of an important document if versioning is not functioning as it should?


The GSX cure

GSX constantly checks the indexer, alerts you on the last crawl and the percent of unsuccessful elements, and also checks the performance and the availability of the web services involved in the selection and display of the documents.

GSX allows you to :

  • Track the indexer activity and alert you in case of any problem with the crawling element
  • Constantly check the critical webservices involved in the delivery of accurate data to the users
  • Receive alerts in case of any problems with the search service


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