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SharePoint Headache #2: I keep running out of resources

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Thu, Feb 23, 2012

bouton6headaches resized 600Last week we saw that the Load Testing was one of the first main administrators SharePoint headache that need to be cure to keep their system running smoothly-

What about capacity issues anticipation?

Your SharePoint environment constantly evolves, as users upload documents, create sites, and update files.  Storage and site administration become a nightmare when administrators do not have a real-time view of their SharePoint environment and SQL back-end. Specifically, they are unable to track trends and forecast the future.

Moreover, in most companies the SQL team is separate from the SharePoint team. This division can really become a problem as SharePoint administrators desperately need to know what is going on database-wise to anticipate capacity issues or resolve performance problems on critical site collections.

SharePoint administrators need to have access to a real-time view of trending statistics in order to predict the evolution of the SQL environment as it affects the performance of the indexer, crawl and SharePoint frontend servers.

How GSX cures the Headache ?

GSX connects to your SQL server and tests its availability, giving you real-time insight into the size of your environment.

GSX allows you to

  • Check constantly the availability and the size of your SQL environment attached to SharePoint
  • Make automatic reports and forecasts on your environment
  • Track the system and the user performance and forecast them to anticipate capacity issues


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