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GSX Supports the 12 edition of the European 4L Trophy

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Thu, Feb 16, 2012

It is now 9 months that Julien Vechioli from the GSX Team is preparing for the 4L Trophy Raid 12th Edition event that will happen from the 15th to the 27th of February.

GSX decided to support this amazing raid because this is an action towards others. Beyond the adventure and sporting dimension, competitors also participate for social and humanitarian reasons by helping African children in accessing to education.

We decided to interview Julien before he starts the competition to get the all story out there-

"There is quite a lot of planning and preparation before even thinking about the trip itself. The first stage of the adventure was to find a co-pilot. Well, actually my friend Stephan had the idea to participate to this adventure and asked me to be his co-pilot.
We know each other for 15 years -Quite a good bit of time i would say and we decided to jump into the raid before really knowing what this is all about ...
The first step being completed, we had to find a car : a Renault 4L!
Stephan started the adventure and finally got hold of a very nice car in a little town in the very north of France.
So, we can say that the REAL adventure started here.
Our first trip was to bring it back to Corsica, so that we could start mastering this small little R4 of 33 years of age!
This humanitarian raid had multiple goals for us. We wanted to surpass ourselves in many different activities, from writing the “sponsoring document” to tinker with the car, while seeking for potential partners willing to support us on our cause. Although it is a serious raid, we tried to make this document as genuine and rogue as possible, to reflect our nature. It has been a very interesting part of the project, and probably the most informative for us, trying to manage technical, administrative and time issues, learning on the mechanic at the same time, and gathering as many sponsors as possible to hit our estimated budget.

Our friends and family helped us very much during the whole preparation. They made it possible. After all, the 4L Trophy raid is all about sharing and solidarity… Isn’t it?

We are now two days away from D-day and glad to announce that we are finally ready and eager to face the 7000 km of adventure, crossing 3 countries (France, Spain and Morocco), to finally carry away our in-kind contribution to the children of Morocco."

All the GSX Team whish a warm GOOD LUCK to Julien and his friend in this wonderful adventure - - 

Go for It !

GSX 4L trophy

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