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Book Review: Collaboration Roadmap by Michael Sampson

Posted by Antoine Leboyer on Fri, Jan 13, 2012

More than often, we get asked questions about collaboration strategies, choices of technologies and best practices. This could feel unusual as our business is platform-agnostic and we are modest providers of complementary technology more than experts on end-users projects.

One reference which I can safely refer anyone to is "Collaboration Roadmap" by Michael Sampson's latest child, sorry, book which he wrote as he stayed at home in New Zealand for the birth of his latest book, sorry child.

cover crb MSampson

More seriously, you may have heard or met or worked with Michael. He has been consulting companies on successful adoption of collaboration projects, a topic for which he is basically second to none. This book summarizes his current line of thought and provides rational good advices on collaboration tailored to companies of various sizes and maturity towards collaboration projects.

Michael's strengh lies in the fact that he is pragmatic, he understands that not all companies are equal and he structures them well and also to the fact that he is technology dogmatic. The largest chapter is about "Really understanding the technology" and this is better than many analyst reports. Another chapter which speaks to my heart is the one on governance.

Try it for yourself, this is the book you want to read so that your collaboration initiatives are not limited with just installing and runing the technologybut ensuring the end-users make the most of it.

For those going to Lotusphere next week, Michael will be around. I have worked with him and thourougly enjoyed it and do recommend beyond his book, that you try to see him.

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