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Posted by Eileen Fitzgerald on Wed, Oct 26, 2011

I was fortunate enough to attend the IBM Leadership Alliance meeting Boston. While everything was under NDA, I do not think that I am breaking any confidentiality by stating that the topic of Social Business was discussed, A LOT .. and it got me thinking, our suite of tools Monitors, Manages and Reports on the components of your collaboration portfolio, disparate technologies that combine to enable Social Business in your organization. 

I started to think, we provides tools critical to the successful running and service delivery of your Social Business platform, but in terms in Social Business what DIRECTLY does our toolset do? 

And then I was reminded of an excellent meeting we had recently with a team of Service Delivery Managers for a global multinational. The team were new to GSX and we were discussing how GSX Monitor can help them manage their Service Delivery challenges. 

We reviewed what we can do from a technical perspective and then dived into specifically how to assist the challenges of the Service Delivery Managers.. they were amazed and delighted that they are able schedule their own reports on various aspects of service delivery. That they can construct scheduled or on the fly reports on SLA management and build high-level or detailed reports depending on their requirements. No more requesting the information from a hectically busy operations team and receiving the data maybe a week later when its no longer relevant. GSX Analyzer enables them to help themselves and provides transparency of data between the service delivery managers and those responsible from an operational perspective for managing that service. 

What has this to do with Social Business? According to Wikipedia, Social software applications include communication tools and interactive tools. in the Service Delivery world we provide transparency, self service reporting and provide tools for detailed Service Monitoring and performance information, that can be easily shared and communicated with ALL stakeholders in the Service Delivery process .. operations, Service Delivery managers, Customers etc 

So in our own way .. We don't just monitor Social Business tools .. we are a Social Business tool.. ;-) 


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