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Entering the SharePoint World

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Fri, Sep 30, 2011

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GSX Solutions brings to the Microsoft world our newest version of  GSX Monitor and Analyzer which enables our customers to monitor their SharePoint environments.  This  major evolution in our product offering signals a real turning point for GSX.

IT departments recognize the need to control their environment more closely, and GSX Monitor and Analyzer give them the insight they need.  They need to understand the performance of these critical applications from the  user’s perspective.  And giving your technical resources and managers a view of the user’s perspective is what we do.  It is a fundamental part of our  philosophy. Our solutions  monitor and measure the service delivered to your users and not merely the IT infrastructure itself.

For SharePoint this is of utmost importance because the IT department may have been disconnected from the real users of SharePoint from the start.  As SharePoint deployments have grown, (sometimes exponentially), IT now needs to bring some standards to the game to keep things moving in the right direction. But, it is definitely not the time to lose sight of the user experience.

We see SharePoint as a logical and important part of our growth in the Microsoft space and feel the addition of our powerful plug and play solution will enhance the return any enterprise will receive from their use of SharePoint.  It’s key benefits are powerful reporting, an understanding of the user experience, agent less installation and integration to SCOM said Jean-François Piot, VP of GSX’ Microsoft practice. 

We have high expectations around our participation at the two main SharePoint Conferences in October.  Come and say hi to our Microsoft team at booth number #764 in Anaheim and #P36 in Berlin, we will be delighted to meet you!

Anaheim SharePoint Conference – October 3rd till 6th – GSX booth #764
Berlin European SharePoint Conference – October 17th till 20th – GSX booth #P36

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