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GSX Monitor v10 release party

Posted by Sebastien Giraud on Tue, Jul 05, 2011

After long months of development, GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10 has finally been released few weeks ago. With more than 200 downloads in the first few days it seems to be a real success.

Launching v10 has been a release for the development team that has been tortured by the head of development (ok that’s me …) during months, now it’s time to celebrate v10 as it should!!!

As a lot of people joined GSX the last few months, we have a ritual in the development team for the newbies ... ok it could sound like another torture, but as they are part of the GSX team now they have to act as GSXers!

Let’s begin with our local place when it’s time to face other challenges!

In this place you can eat customized homemade giant burgers, as you can see in the picture below the restaurant made a good deal with the number of people around the table!!

01 resized 600

Figure 1- Vincent, Laetitia, Paul, Seb, Ghizlane, Alain, Yann, Jon, Julien, Arnaud, Gilles, Fabien, Moncef, Anne-Sophie


Now the challenge is to finish a 4 layers burger (i.e. 600g/1.3lb) with french fries, salad and beverage (won’t give any brand, we are neutral)

 02 resized 600

Challenge accepted by Olivier !! (for information, Olivier is not a newbie but failed his initial challenge 1 year ago J ) 


 03 resized 600

Challenge accepted as well by Yann (top left) and Julien (bottom right)


 04 resized 600

Challenge accepted by Arnaud that is yet trying to eat his burger but it seems he handles it in the wrong way … 


Ok, what about the others one ?

 05 resized 600

Challenge denied by Ghizlane with only 1 layer


 06 resized 600

Stephane is not a newbie but definitely happy to eat his burger


 07 resized 600

Lionel’s wondering if he will be alive after devouring all that food and behind Jonathan coaching him !


2 hours after, we were miserable and I won’t show any picture of that but promised no burgers left !

To continue, we had to digest all that food and what better than a south of France local sport, let’s play “pétanque” (apologize but I’m not sure about the English word for that and I don’t want to make any confusion or bad interpretation, the purpose of the game being to play with balls and try to launch player balls the closest possible from the little one … think it’s called batchy).

 08 resized 600

09 resized 600

Figure 2 As you can guess the weather in South of France is warm and when practicing such sport I need to refresh with a glass of ... water .. ? will the CEO read this article ? ..


10 resized 600

Figure 3 - "Arnaud, tu tires ou tu pointes ?!!"


11 resized 600 

Figure 4 - Hmm it seems there's a disagreement, judge Olivier is checking ...


Last but not least, I would like to thank GSX and obviously all our customers who believe and support us since day one and without which, this wonderful dev team party would not have been possible!!!

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