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What a few weeks...

Posted by Eileen Fitzgerald on Mon, Jun 27, 2011

IBM Champion...

Wow, what an amazing couple of weeks, we released v10 and within the first week we had 100's of downloads, with some very positive feedback. The fact that we had 100's of customers up an running on v10 within days of its release (and NO major issues reported) is a testament to the hard work of the GSX team, especially development, in ensuring that we continually improve ease of use and quality. Their hard work in continuously improving the customer experience seems to have paid off (I say seems as its early days yet and I do not want to jinx what seems to be a highly successful product launch). Straight on the back of the V10 release, I had the opportunity to meet with some of our customers in New York. As always, meeting with customers is just fantastic, especially our customers, we aim to ensure that we drive product direction based on customer requirements, and our customers are excellent in telling us where they need us to go to keep up with their business requirements, some of the business journeys they are taking are ambitious and technically challenging.. we are proud and excited to be given the chance to join them and assist in these journeys. 


And then onto Vegas .. for PACLug, I love attending LUGS , the community, the people, they are my second business family. The amount of travel I do can sometimes be tough, taking a toll on the personal life, but the community make it work while. I consider myself lucky to work with a group of people who are professional, ethical, complete and utter technical Geeks, but above all a close community who take care of each other. 

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Steve Bystran, Eileen Fitzgerald, Tim Book

In a professional capacity, the technical enablement is second to none. Internal IBM''rs are exceptional in assisting business partners align their offerings with IBM to meet customer requirement. If your initial point of contact cannot provide the answer you are looking for, then they will get you in touch with the person who can.  The Business Partner network itself, is also exceptionally supporting with frequent referals of of potential customers, if a business partner cannot provide a potential customer a solution, they frequently, and graciously refer them to others who can meet their business needs.  


In a personal capacity, having been involved in this community for years, I am lucky and proud to now consider many of them close personal friends, having the opportunity to catch up with them at conferences, steal away to have a quiet dinner and a natter,  it is the only thing that makes frequent travel possible and having these people as part of my personal life enriches me. 


Screen shot 2011 06 27 at 9.25.04 AMHENCE, in PACLug, it was an honour  to be included with many of these individuals on the IBM Champions list. I think that the community gives more to me than I feedback to it, hence its humbling to be recognized in public for contributing to and being involved in this community. So thank you, I'm proud to be included on the list, consider myself lucky (both personally and professionally) to be involved with the community and technology and look forward to working with both for many more years to come.  

I'm now turning off my Blackberry (I've been ordered to) and going hiking for a week ;-) 

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