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Just Launched – GSX Monitor and Analyzer v10

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Wed, Jun 15, 2011

BoutonGSXMonitorV10 resized 600Today, we are very excited to announce the release of our new v10 monitoring and reporting solution. GSX Monitor and Analyzer v10 adds even more functionality and additional monitoring options while increasing efficiency, easy of use and further reducing operational overhead.

Aside from multiple new features, GSX has now extended its monitoring capabilities to other technologies in the collaboration portfolio. As always, without the requirement of any server install, this release extends its monitoring and reporting capabilities to the following new technologies:

  • Microsoft SharePoint servers,
  • Traveler servers,
  • Quickr servers,
  • SameTime 8.5, Including those that run on Websphere
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010

What's New in GSX Monitor?

describe the image1- SharePoint Server Monitoring: Real Time availability monitoring and reporting of SharePoint server, SharePoint Site performance monitoring and availability , Consolidated Real Time SharePoint statistic page, extensive Sharepoint reports, etc.

2- Traveler Server Monitoring: Real Time availability monitoring of Traveler server, Consolidated Traveler Service and user statistic page, Extensive report templates available, Critical User Alerts on Key indicators etc.

3-Quickr Server Monitoring: Real Time availability scanning , Extensive Report templates available, Consolidate Quickr Service and Place Statistic Consolidated page , Place Monitoring and Alerting on:, Place Addition , Place Deletion, Place Size Monitoring etc.

4- SameTime servers: SameTime 8.5 server Real time availability monitoring whether Domino or Webshpere based, extension of support for all Statistics monitored and reported on Domino Server as on SameTime Server, availability monitoring of Websphere Nodes required for SameTime Functionality, DB2 Meeting Server Availability, etc.

5- Microsoft Exchange 2010: Support for Exchange 2010, Availability and Health monitoring of the DAG across multiple servers , Replication Health Monitoring and Alerting, DB Store White Space Monitoring and Alerting, DB Store Size monitoring and alerting, CAS availability monitoring, etc.

6- Scheduler: New Scheduler for Log Scanning (Domino, BES, SharePoint) and Spot Check Reports

7- You will notice our new modular install when you launch the product. GSX Monitor provides a productive and features rich install environment that let you pick the modules you want to monitor for all your different platforms from a single interface.

ModularInstalV10 resized 600

8- We also have revamped the User Interface of GSX Monitor dashboard to make it more modern and easier to customize. You can now easily and quickly organize your dashboard to make it more accessible and easy to read.

GSXMonitorv10 RevampedDashboard resized 600

9- Spot Check reports: We have included a new spot check report capability for:
Index Size – Report on Database Indexes size in your organization
Index updates – Report on Database Indexes that have not been updated in XXX Days
Mail Forwarding Report- Report on users that have mail fowarding configured in either they mail rules or persons docs.

 10- BES Clusters Alerts: You will be able to be alerted in case of changing the Failover mode for BES clusters (Automatic or manual)  and on Failover for BES clusters.

What's new in GSX Analyzer ?

We have also been busy improving GSX Analyzer as well with powerful new features.

1- New Platforms: You will be able to retrieve and trend SharePoint, Traveler, Quickr and Sametimes Statistics

2- Template Improvements: We have improved the way report templates are created. You can now centrally create and manage a ‘Style sheet ‘ that defines the look and feel of all your reports and also set up your own Trend Templates, available for re-use by you or other profile users

3- New Consolidated Report – Ability to Create reports that consolidate and compare different stats across multiple servers. Build Comparison graphs across multiple servers or standalone graphs of one stat on one server. Consolidate into one report

4- New easy to configure, flexible reporting options- Periodic Statistics – Ability to have the latest Daily, Weekly, Monthly stats as an ‘On The Fly’ or as a Scheduled report.
Ability to Generate ‘on the Fly’ or Scheduled Environmental Health Reports to CSV or PDF
New trend reporting options- Consolidated Trend reports, compare and contrast multiple statistics across multiple servers.

This new version extends our capabilities to modern collaboration environments, it brings the company to a new level and we would like to thank everyone across the GSX ecosystem.  These new features were driven by the close involvement of our customers and partner base worldwide.

Enjoy the new v10 experience here

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