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GSX’s first TechEd!

Posted by Olivier Raynaut on Fri, May 27, 2011

Last week GSX was at TechEd for the first time attending the 2011 edition in Atlanta, Georgia. Two main reasons we got there: to get in touch with the latest development from Microsoft, and to introduce our newly developed GSX Monitor V10!

On Monday morning was the keynote session to start this 4-day conference. After walking through the building for at least 10 minutes, we arrived at the main conference room.

Two DJ’s were mixing some techno music on small tablets (windows based?) while making us wait for the senior Microsoft leaders to share their vision for the future of IT.  They showed us the benefits from various developments on windows 7 and windows phone platform on real-life cases.Then, a demonstration of the latest PowerPivot version showed us how to generate Business Intelligence reports based on large sets of Data. Finally, latest development on Visual Studio - version “vNext”- showed us how to integrate the suite with test cases, mockups, bug tracking and agile development. After few sessions throughout the day, we all gathered in the exhibitor’s hall for the reception. This was a nice opportunity to showcase our latest release to the TechED “Microsoft world”. As the evening went by, many people stopped by our booth to understand what services our product could deliver to their business, and they were quite impressed. 

GSX Booth (From left to right: Olivier, Kara, Steve and Sebastien)

GSX Booth (from left to right: Olivier, Kara, Steve and Sebastien).

During the next days, no huge announcement was made by Microsoft, but some interesting sessions about their latest products. Moreover, there was a very interesting area in the Georgia World Congress Center: the “Hands-on labs”. It consisted of self-placed, drill-down exercises to get your hands on the technologies, assisted by technical experts. About 300 computers were connected in a huge room, using resources from a private cloud built specifically for the occasion.On the last day was organized the closing party that took place in between the “World of Coca-Cola” and the “Georgia Aquarium”.  A stage was set up for a few bands to play along the night, while we could visit the place. We first visited the “World of Coca-Cola” where the history of Coca was explained, followed by two short movies (including one in 4D) with old-fashioned red and blue 3D glasses… this really needed to be updated!


Closing party

Closing Party (from left to right: Olivier, Steve, Arnaud, Sebastien).

Then we could admire different sorts of fish in the aquarium, from the tiny little clown fishes to big predator sharks or whales. 

Georgia Aquarium (with a whale shark)

A big whale shark at the Georgia Aquarium


It was a great experience to attend such a huge event both from a developer perspective and as a company. We had the opportunity to meet with many organizations using Microsoft platform we now develop for, hence giving us insights of their needs. I was really impressed about how Microsoft managed the organization of this conference with about 10,000 guests. I just wish we had brought back some tablets, as they offered at Blackberry World, but it was still funny to come back with hundreds of goodies back to the office! 

I hope you’ll be numerous to come next year, TechEd 2012 will be in Orlando (sounds like a familiar destination, doesn’t it?)...

TechEd 2012 Orlando

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