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Posted by Antoine Leboyer on Thu, May 19, 2011

OK not quite ... but I was this week in the UK at RIM UK headquarter to shoot a video following our nomination at the Blackberry award.

DSCF1606 resized 600

You can see below a picture of the set. Along with me are Daniella Cross from RIM who organised the production and Olivier Constant from Darest who is one of our major partner and a leading Blackberry integrator.

We stayed around 90 minutes. We spoke on quite a range of topics from cloud monitoring which Darest has deployed for their Swiss customer STMicro as well as the difference between monitoring the view from an end-user perspective in a multi-platform environment and the classic IT Frameworks.

As usual, only a few minutes will remain and only if we have been good enough but as we wait to get the results which will be posted here, this was quite fun.


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