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GSX announces unique new feature on Monitor

Posted by Antoine Leboyer on Fri, Apr 01, 2011

Swiss-based GSX Software company announced today that its new version of the award-winning GSX Monitor will include new innovative features.

GSX has developped unique proprietary technology based on user simulation for the monitoring and reporting of leading collaboration platform.

These have been extended to the measurement of bliss and satisfaction of Geneva tourists. Specific alerts are created which will increase the height of the world famous Geneva stream to manage in real-time qualitative indicators such as ice cream and chocolate consumption across the Leman Lake.

Steve Bystran, SVP Global sales has declared: "This is another example of our commitment to innovation. This breakthrough idea took place while doing our daily meditative walks during our Geneva quarterly meetings."

Eileen Fitzegrald, SVP Product management has declared: "This will revolutionize vacations by introducing quantifiable metrics on service delivered to tourists."

Sebastien Giraud, VP Software development has declared: "We are proud of this engineering feat and are already working on enhancements to add new features like beverage consumption."


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