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Once upon a time … at Dominoplus in Bilbao

Posted by Meryll Moreau on Fri, Mar 04, 2011

Where is BILBAO ? It is not a small village of indomitable Gauls …

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It is in Spain of course

GSX made a little journey in Spain last week  to attend THE event around Domino organized by our partner Domino Plus.
The event was focus on Lotus Domino with the objective for us to present the business value of  GSX Monitor in real life using CIM testimonial.

CIM (El Centro Informatico Municipal) gave us a closer idea on how they use GSX Monitor. They explained their pains that accelerate their need in having a monitoring tool up and running. Pains were clearly specified and centralized around the need of having a better messaging server visibity. The presentation is available here

It was a great experience for lots of reasons :
    •    It is always a good opportunity for us to reinforce the relationship we have with our partners
    •    Lotus is still a central topic in Spain. It was a real success if we had a close look to the audience.
    •    To present the version 10 new features with Quickr, Traveler and Sametimes 8.5

It is always a chance to see experts and customers schmoozing around common experiences and we would like to thank Dominique Perarnaud, Alejandro Ahumada and Gorka Gisasola

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