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LS11 - Lotusphere 2011 .. where shall I be ?

Posted by Eileen Fitzgerald on Mon, Jan 24, 2011

Eileen here , its going to be a very GREAT  Lotusphere .. soo much potential for learning and fun !!! soo little time. Here is what I have on the agenda so far ... 

Any free time , here is where I shall be hanging out 

The GSX  Stand  - No - 230 Call by and say hello !!

GSX Corporate Suite  - No. 6109  Call by and say hello 

My Presentations

Master Class: Projects vs. Operations - The Smackdown  

  • Session track JumpStarts and Master Class Sessions  
  •  Session id JMP305  
  •  Session date Sunday - 01/30/2011  
  •  Session time 10:30am - 12:30pm  
  •  Session location SW Pelican   

What is Project work and what is Operational work? And how and why are they different and may end up in Conflict? Tag team while we grapple with how best to ensure that Project and Operations peacefully co-exist to meet business requirements -- without having to constantly invoke a referee!  This session shows how projects can be successfully implemented and seamlessly transitioned into operations, project and operational managers do not need to be in conflict. We'll take a deep dive into the differences between the processes and priorities of operations and projects.

With examples from real life global collaboration projects, we'll review the key differences between projects and operation requirements, what processes are critical to successful management of each, key points when transitioning projects into operations and why it is important to differentiate between what constitutes project work and what constitutes operational work. Just for the heck of it we'll also cover some of the key Service Delivery points to consider, Best Practice Project , Operational and some ITIL Topics. 

Projects and operations, working together so that your business does not end up on the ropes.

10 Tips to Make You an Admin Star (While Reducing Your Workload)  

  • Session id BP112  
  • Session date Tuesday - 02/01/2011  
  • Session time 3:30pm - 4:30pm  
  • Session location DL S. Hemisphere II  

 Learn 10 tips that will reduce your workload, improve the quality of your work and amaze management with your skills and productivity. From years of experience of being, managing and working with global customers, we'll identify tasks that can and should be automated -- but never are. We'll discuss how to improve working relations with developers, removing upgrade issues, and trouble shooting (incident and problem management) tips to reduce resolution time for incidents - and more!

Overview of ID Manager 6 !! What's new and how it saves you Time and Money

Tuesday 2nd GSX Suite DL 6109 -  9:00 - 10:00 AM 


GSX and LotusLive 

Monday 1st  GSX Suite DL 6109 -  3:30 - 4:30  PM 

I will there here , will you ?  

Monday the 1st 2:15 PM DL N. Hemisphere A-E - Ed Brill - Messaging and Collaboration Strategy

Wednesday the 3rd 11:00 AM  - GSX Suite 6109 - Paul Mooney - GSX 10 hidden little Gems

Tuesday the 2nd 11:15 - Nerd Girl PANEL Session - - Nerd Girl Panel: Work is Not a Romance Novel or a Football Game - DL S. Hemisphere IV-V


Events not to be missed 

Tuesday the 2nd 5:15 PM - Super Women Group , The Dolphin Americas

Tuesday the 2nd 8:00 PM - The Greak Geek Challenge- Kimmonos 

  NerdGirlsPurpleRule 01 copy reasonably small resized 600
Wednesday the 2nd 12:00 2:00 - Nerd Girl Mentor sessions 

Thursday 4th 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM - GURUpalozza - SW 5-10

Not a lot on really ;-) aside from all that there may be the odd appearance of Kimmonos ;-) 

Make sure to say hello and looking forward to seeing everyone.



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