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A few thoughts on IBM's Lola

Posted by Antoine Leboyer on Thu, Oct 07, 2010

The 2010 Lotus Leadership Alliance conference is over. This is the first time I have attended it and I have to say that I was impressed.

Impressed by the quality of discussions, the candor with which presentations were done in a genuine interactive manner, impressed by some stuff which I saw (which I cannot mention as this is under strict NDA ...), impressed by the marketing work done by Kristin Lauria with the Lotusknows campaign (and to be really honest, I am jealous and we need to do similar things here at GSX ...), always impressed by the strength of this unique community and all the friends we have made over the years and that we love to meet in all these occasions.

I am leaving with quite a number of to-do's, follow-ups (and had some great conversations on GSX's contribution on Lotuslive with Kevin Cavanaugh and his team for which I hope we can have some stuff for Lotusphere). 

Lot of work, pretty exciting.

and one funny comment, David Farrell's team misspelled GSX's name and logo in his chart on partners. Here it is, curtousy of Bruce Elgort:

GXS resized 600

I was initially surprised and a little unhappy... until tons of people noticed the mistake and came to me to ask confirmation of it. Bottom line, this mistake made us stand out. Not to be repeated too often but a confirmation that brands are a reality and that we are slowly building ours. 

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