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Save your time with Sametime Monitoring

Posted by Steve Bystran on Wed, Aug 18, 2010

IBM Lotus Sametime provides presence and chat capabilities across Lotus Notes, Blackberry, and Microsoft products.

The real-time communication provided in Sametime is generally considered part of the mission critical messaging environment in many companies.  GSX takes this into account by integrating key Sametime monitoring capabilities with built-in alerts and reports that are not offered in DDM or in the Sametime product itself.

The image below shows the immediately available information as you hover your mouse icon over any of the Sametime servers that you have configured for monitoring. Notice that you get current information on meetings and chat services as of the time of the last scan. Remember, nothing is installed on your Sametime server, so performance doesn’t suffer.

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Sametime statistics can help you anticipate capacity needs, or possible problems before they develop.

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