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Get the most out of BES with GSX Monitor

Posted by Steve Bystran on Fri, Aug 13, 2010

 Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) has become an integral part of most mail system, whether the system is Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange. While there are some stand-alone monitoring tools available for BES in the market, GSX delivers monitoring for this server as an integrated part of the monitoring tool.  That means you can monitor your Blackberry Enterprise Server and the underlying Notes or Exchange using the same tool and same user interface.  After all, what is the value of the best blackberry monitoring solution if the underlying Notes or Exchange isn't functioning properly and you're in the dark?

After you provide the proper access to the server and databases to expose all of the tool’s monitoring capabilities, you can right-click on any BES icon from the main view to quickly access an advanced menu, to seeing all of the necessary server status information, you may also see:

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  • User statistics
  • Device information

In addition, you can manage user accounts from the advanced menu. The Blackberry SRP database is also included in the monitoring abilities.

With granular statistics down to individual users and devices, you can find unused or underutilized devices, so that those valuable messaging resources can be put to better use. 

You can pay extra attention to your CEO, CFO, COO, CTO and and other VIPs whose messaging is "extra mission critical."

And of course GSX also monitors all the components of your BES 5 High Availability Cluster if you have taken advantage of those features in your environment.

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