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GSX Mail Probes and your Messaging Environment

Posted by Eileen Fitzgerald on Tue, Jun 29, 2010

Mail Flow Monitoring:

For any Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange environment, it’s critical for administrators to be able to monitor both mail routing flow (the direction that mail routing takes through the environment) and server up time and accessibily. Administrators who are unaware of mail issues until a user, or worse yet, a company executive calls, is an administrator who appears not to be able to manage a healthy email system.

Built-in tools generally offer only partial monitoring, and may not provide good reporting abilities.

GSX Monitor addresses both of these issues.

You can easily configure mail probes to flow through your mail system to monitor Service Level Agreement (SLA) times and retry intervals. Once you have configured these probes, you are able to meet the requirements from any department, team, or mail server with granular SLA configurations. The alerts from these probes may be sent to different addresses and groups as shown. From these probes you are able to immediately see probe statistics based on SLAs or you can generate mail flow and routing reports – capabilities that Domino, Sametime, BES, and Exchange do not include inherently.

Thus, you can satisfy all of your mail flow reporting needs in a single monitoring tool (Domino, Exchange, SMTP, BES), which gives you flexibility across all the servers.

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