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Nubison, GSX partner in Chile

Posted by Antoine Leboyer on Mon, May 31, 2010



We start here a series of Spotligh on GSX's partners with Nubison from Chile.

Nubison's Value Proposition:

Nubison is a professional services and mobile solutions provider based in Santiago - Chile, and a member of the BlackBerry Alliance Program. Through a comprehensive services portfolio the company´s value proposition is aimed to assist the customers in:

a. Maximizing the high availability of the BlackBerry and messaging services
b. Obtaining an efficient use of this platform and exploit its potential
c. Mobilizing business processes and key information to executives and professionals in the field

Therefore, by means of Technical Support Services, Customer Training and Mobile Solutions, Nubison is well prepared to accompany the customers throughout the whole life cycle of their mobile platform.

Mandatory requirements for the "Mobile Enterprise"

The day-to-day operation of large corporations, medium size institutions and even the smaller companies, rely on their e-mail platforms, whose services are considered "mission critical". The rapid proliferation of smart-phones, initially deployed for the management staff - mainly for voice and e-mail usage - has certainly increased the dependence on the availability of the company´s messaging platform. On the other hand, the increasing adoption of mobile applications is in turn, adding more pressure on the demand for the highest availability of the mobile and messaging platforms.

According to Nubison, GSX Monitor is a key element to assist the customers to maximize the availability of both the messaging environment and mobile platform, since it was designed to have a holistic view of the overall messaging environment, by monitoring all the critical components at the same time in a proactive approach: the behavior and trends of key indicators of Lotus Domino or MS Exchange servers, the BlackBerry BES server and also the BlackBerry devices.

Access to the GSX Monitor Solution

Nubison offers the customers two ways to have the benefits of the GSX Monitor solution:

• As a Hosted Service, that may be obtained as a separate service or in conjunction with Support Services or Remote Administration of the BES Server

• By acquiring the software licenses and implementation services required to have an in-house monitoring at the customer´s premises


 For more information,contact Nubison here.

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