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A Must-read …

Posted by Antoine Leboyer on Mon, May 24, 2010

Do you follow Mary-Beth Raven's Blog?

For our GSX Day in Nice, we had asked our guests what topics they wanted to see discussed and much to our surprise, admins wanted to know what Lotus was doing on the client. We asked Mary-Beth who heads the Notes client team at Lotus to speak and she gave a model presentation: engaging, smart, candid … Any speaker who has had to go after her can tell what a challenge this is to go after her.

Mary-Beth was one year later speaker to our American GSX day in collaboration with Chris Miller’s IamLUG (for which GSX is a sponsor again this year) and adressed the audience describing a series of issues which are perceived to be at the client level but are actually associated with the server. The title of the presentation was: “It is the server, stupid” (for which GSX claim some responsibility …).

Mary-Beth is doing a series of blogs based on this presentation which contains some great recommendations and case studies. This is a definite Must-read.

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