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GSX for IBM Connections: Reaching new levels of visibility

Posted by Juliette Ollagnier on Tue, Jun 21, 2016

Xray_Connections.jpgWe’re pleased to announce the release of GSX for IBM Connections! This new release will provide comprehensive, end-to-end monitoring of the application environment, from the webpage to the WebSphere component, including DB2 databases

If your organization is utilizing IBM Connections, then you’re already well-aware of its integral role in helping your teams maximize collaboration and productivity

If any critical issues were to arise within your IT environment and affect your applications, this could have serious consequences on your organization’s ability to do business. Thus, it is crucial for IT administrators to proactively monitor the status and performance of IBM Connections at the application level, in order to minimize outages and downtime.

Each IBM Connections application is published on a webpage, by a webserver that connects to a particular database to retrieve the required information. GSX tests the end-user experience of the webpage for each and every application, including availability and performance. As each application also needs specific WebSphere nodes to deliver features to end-users, GSX investigates each particular WebSphere component. It also checks the availability of the specific database hosting the required data for each application.

GSX combines the following capabilities:

  • Application end user monitoring via URL checks (one per application)
  • IBM WebSphere Application server health monitoring
  • IBM DB2 health monitoring
  • Network diagnostic latency monitoring for on premise servers (one per tested location)
  • IBM WebSphere Portal health monitoring (coming soon).

All of these capabilities are included in our new Web UI dashboard that enables administrators to have clear visibility of their tests and results from multiple locations. The result is an easy way for you to stay one step ahead of user experience issues, and really make the most of your IBM Connections application.

As experts in Unified Communications performance monitoring, we want to provide the market with a global platform that tracks and troubleshoots any latency, network, Operating System, database, or infrastructure issues that could impact the applications themselves, and therefore the productivity of organizations. Find out more about the GSX monitoring capabilities here.



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