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5 Reasons to Switch to Hybrid Office 365 

Posted by Clementine Crozier on Thu, Mar 29, 2018

Office 365 monitoringMaking the switch from an on-premises deployment to Office 365 is easier said than done. Large organizations in particular have complex infrastructures, with users requiring different applications and services from varying locations. Furthermore, regulations and technical roadblocks make it challenging to move applications without disruption.

That’s why hybrid deployment is often the best answer for those looking to transition to the cloud without interruptions. Here are a few other reasons why.

First, hybrid deployment of Office 365 lets IT administrators migrate at their own pace, minimizing disruption to email services and other applications. Administrators can manage migration while handling other tasks and assuring that the migration is completed smoothly.

Second, hybrid deployment allow companies to maintain their on-premises customizations, which can greatly ease the transition to cloud services. An Office 365 hybrid deployment lets companies keep some of their data and workloads on-premises, allowing employees to access third-party tools and codes without having to set them up again in the cloud.

Third, hybrid deployments allow organizations to meet compliance and security mandates that require some enterprises to keep data off the cloud. Many jurisdictions require organizations to secure certain data and services on-premises, and a hybrid deployment of Office 365 accommodates this.

Lastly, hybrid deployments allow IT teams to keep certain applications on-premises, including those which are only available in a hybrid model. Some applications, like certain versions of Skype, must be maintained on-premises. Other cloud services outside of Microsoft’s offerings integrate with Office 365, like email plug-ins, and can only operate in a hybrid environment.

At the core of GSX’s mission is the end-user experience. We work to ensure smooth and uninterrupted Office 365 service delivery for organizations migrating to hybrid cloud environments. GSX provides the only Office 365 monitoring solution to truly understand, troubleshoot and manage your end-user experience across cloud or hybrid Office 365 deployment.

Hybrid deployment is often the best choice for large organizations to migrate to Office 365, because it ensures uninterrupted access to services while maintaining customization and compliance. Hybrid environments make the switch to the cloud more productive for organizations, and GSX's Office 365 monitoring solution ensures that IT administrators have access to the insights and analytics they need.

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