Microsoft Exchange webinar: How to troubleshoot Alert Overload

Only receive the alerts that really matter to save Administrators’ time

  • Do you receive too many alerts every day?
  • Do you waste too much time reading into these alerts because they include too many information?
  • It is difficult for you to understand which alerts are critical and need immediate action?

Messaging is mission critical in today’s organizations as they cannot afford end-user outages that will impact the business. Most companies use a monitoring or reporting tool to alert them when something goes wrong inside their environment. However, they now experience the limits of the systems they have in place: Exchange administrators receive an avalanche of alerts every day. These alerts don’t provide them with relevant information to differentiate informational alerts from critical ones that need to be restored right away.

"I get two to four alerts in a typical day. I find that to be enough," "If you subscribe to more, it usually just duplicates information without any additional, valuable differences in the alerts."

Alert information does not pinpoint the origin of the issue, leaving administrators spend an increasing portion of their day gauging the severity and relevance of alerts they received, because they need to prioritize their actions according to the importance of the issue.

Why should you attend this webinar?
In this 45-minute webinar we will show you how to optimize your day-to-day management and receive only the alerts that really matter. Our Agentless, Monitoring and Reporting solutions can help you prioritize your corrective actions and enhance the performance of your overall Exchange infrastructure.

Scheduled Dates:

  • Easthern US time zone, June 28, 11am EDT
  • European time zone, July 10, 1pm CET

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