GSX Webinar: The importance of synthetic transactions to ensure high performance of Exchange On-prem and Online!

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Because GSX Solutions' main concern is to focus on the end user experience and because the performance of your environment is at stake, GSX Monitor & Analyzer comes up with multiple scenario tests that are constantly played with to offer you a real time view on the end user's experience.

You can now set up and mix your own scenarios depending on your messaging and collaboration infrastructure needs. GSX Solutions uses built-in PowerShell commands to create advanced synthetic transactions capabilities. IT administrators can follow the status at all times thanks to its alerting system which ensure optimal service availability in both On-premise and in the Cloud environments.


Why attend this webinar?

This free Webinar will give you the possibility to show you how our monitoring and reporting solution provides administrators with relevant alerts and real time overview of the services that their infrastructure is truly delivering to the business lines. Our experts will show you how our solution tracks the availability, the performance and the usage of your infrastructure and enable you to proactively detect emerging issues before they have a noticeable impact on the business line.

See how GSX Monitor & Analyzer runs multiple scenarios like:

  • System scenarios, Exchange roles, web-services, system statistics, etc.
  • Application scenarios simulation (protocol latency, high availability measures, web service simulation)
  • End user scenarios simulation (mail routing, SharePoint user scenarios)
  • Reporting and easy capacity planning
  • SLA management


This Webinar will be rescheduled.

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