Webinar: Change Monitoring Module Presentation

Why is Change Monitoring relevant to your business?

Controlled change is critically important to an organization for a multitude of reasons, and among others it allows administrators to monitor the items that configure their key systems components to increase the overall security.

With GSX' solutions we focus on the availability and performance of service delivery. Based on customer feedback we have identified and developed system monitoring that targets the key services that have to be available to ensure service delivery is at an acceptable performance level. With the Change Monitoring Module we have taken it a step further; we have identified the key configuration items that impact on the availability and performance of your service. So our Change Monitoring module is focused on monitoring changes to key configuration items that could potentially impact your ability to deliver your service.

GSX's Change Monitoring Module is an extension of GSX Monitor, and it remains totally agentless.

Attend this webinar to see

  • Why Change Monitoring is critical to organizations?
  • A demonstration of GSX' s Change Monitoring Module
  • All benefits of the module
  • A live Q&A session

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