Webinar: Presentation of the Change Monitoring module of GSX Monitor

Do you wonder why does Change Monitoring matter?

“My Service is unavailable because someone deleted the content of the server access group”
“My messaging service is unavailable because someone reconfigured a connection document, it took me ages to track down the root cause, users were screaming...”

You can avoid these kinds of situations by monitoring the items that configure key Lotus Domino system components. Therefore you are able to increase the overall security of your infrastructure by tracking the impact of changes made by your team, and taking quick corrective action when necessary.

GSX's Change Monitoring Module is an extension of GSX Monitor, and it remains totally out-of-the-box and agentless.

What's important in this podcast?

During this webinar we looked at the challenges involved in Change Monitoring management. During the live demo of this webinar we performed some scenario to show you in real situations how GSX Change Monitoirng module meet these challenges.

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