What's new in Version 9.3

During this webinar, you will get a deep dive technical presentation on the newest features of GSX Monitor / Analyzer. This is a great way for existing clients and evaluators to learn more about how GSX can help your organization, regardless of its size, better gather and use critical actionable data on the health and the status of your messaging servers.

Key areas covered:
GSX Analyzer-- Profiles:
  • Create individualized log-ins for specific analyzer profiles
  • Tagging of individual servers to create organizational structures, so you can collect, organize and display data with greater flexibility
GSX Analyzer-- Environmental Health Tab:
  • Identify low/high performing servers, prioritize servers/services
  • Compare values across all servers in environment
  • Compare servers to SLAs, KPIs and your environment's averages
  • Supports BES Express
  • Full support for BES 5 active/passive failover, including high availability mirrored SQL.
  • BES Carrier Alert-- new extended logic to alert you in case of carrier failure
  • New consolidated view to easily access key statistics and metrics from servers to individual users.
  • Supports Exchange 2010
  • Reports on diskspace thresholds for mail and non-mail disks
Lotus Notes:
  • New cluster support statistics and alerts