Email Monitoring - GSX Monitor v10

Think GSX to proactively Monitor, Measure and Manage your Mobile, Collaboration and Messaging solutions

GSX Monitor new version 10 comes with expanded features, plus support for Microsoft Exchange 2010 ,Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Quickr (team collaboration), and Sametime8.5 servers. GSX Monitor & Analyzer is the most widely used consolidated management tool for mixed collaboration infrastructures, safeguarding the operation of millions of email accounts worldwide.

The videos below are designed to give you an overview of GSX Monitor’s capabilities for server monitoring, BES statistics collection, BES device management and BES User management

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GSX Monitor is a solution that enables administrators and IT Managers to proactively and efficiently manage and maintain its entire collaboration environment from a single User Interface wethere it is on BlackBerry Enterprise Serve on IBM Lotus Notes or Exchange.

What's New?

New features for BES:

  • New alerts for BES 5 high availability environments: Monitor failover and failback, receive an alert when running on the secondary server after the primary has been restored
  • New template: Be proactive by managing your Blackberry Enterprise Server more effectively
  • New environmental and health reports: Understand your Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that impact it

New features in GSX Monitor & Analyzer v. 10:

  • New modularity: Install only the components relevant to your environment
  • Monitoring and reporting for IBM Quickr and Sametime 8.5
  • New Lotus Domino database probes
  • New support for Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint


  • Ensure continuity and performance: Reliable communication and collaboration systems are essential to the way modern businesses function. Outages are simply unacceptable – and it’s not just a case of knowing whether the servers are up. Are the agents and services performing as expected? Are the routers working? With GSX Monitor you can see at a glance how your entire collaborations infrastructure is performing.

  • TAKE CONTROL: Without an effective monitoring solution, you’ll only know there’s a problem when the complaints start coming through to the support team. Even if you are relying on highly skilled administrators to provide around the clock support, and respond to problems as they happen, you’re just firefighting. There’s a better way ! GSX has a solution that can measure the performance of your servers and services, and alert the support team to potential problems before they impact performance.

  • CUT COSTS: Proactive monitoring eliminates the costs associated with outages and poor performance, and it can also help to manage overheads. GSX Monitor automates routine monitoring tasks helping the support team to organize their workload and focus on proactive improvements. GSX Monitor also provides a range of flexible, customizable reports that can be automated to save the time and effort required to produce management reports.


Our new GSX Monitor & Analyzer v. 10 has many new features our customers and partners have requested, and we are especially excited to be extending the reach of our single-pane collaboration management to IBM Quickr, Sametime 8.5, Microsoft Exchange 2010, and Microsoft SharePoint," said Antoine Leboyer, CEO of GSX

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