How GSX Solutions employs ITIL to deliver optimal collaboration solutions

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Download this FREE eBook to explore 5 main ITIL processes.

The ITIL is all about the service that your IT infrastructure delivers and manages. The goal of ITIL is to deliver reliable and cost effective sevices related to IT processes and applications while expanding business value. Therefore you have to measure the services that are critical for your business lines thanks to Service Level Agreement (SLA) a key component of ITIL.

In this eBook you will see how GSX's monitoring and reporting solutions can help you to make the most of ITIL implementation within your messaging and collaborative environments, by enabling you to manage your SLAs.

5 main ITIL processes explored in this eBook:

  • Aligning IT services with customer needs
  • Ensuring that service design meets organizational objectives
  • Minimizing the impact of service transitions
  • Ensuring continued quality, reliable and efficient delivery of services
  • Providing continuous service improvment while checking the roles of your applications components


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