GSX Newsletter - Sept 09

August  31st 2009
Dear Clients and Partners,

Welcome to the latest edition of the GSX newsletter.

It’s been an interesting but yet incredibly busy and productive summer, so we have some very exciting news to report:

Between the announcement of our partnership with Bluewave, the awaited release in production of GSX Monitor 9.2, the success of our first North American GSX Seminar, etc, we have a lot of news we would like to share with you, our clients and our partners.

As usual, we have some useful facts in our "Did You Know" section.

Thanks for reading!

Your GSX Team
Newsletter Content

  1. GSX Monitor 9.2 is officially launched and ready for deployment
  2. GSX and Bluewave announce a new Value Add Service partnership
  3. US GSX Seminar with IamLUG and participation to the UK Lotus User Group
  4. Upcoming GSX on-line webinars
  5. "Did you know?": Learn how GSX can not only let you monitor the availability of your servers but also the availability of your services.

1. GSX Monitor 9.2 is released !

After an extended Beta testing and validation period, we are happy to announce the awaited release of GSX Monitor 9.2. This is an important upgrade, loaded with many new functionalities (including the full support of Exchange).
As always, we recommend that all our existing clients, partners and prospects migrate to this latest release to benefit from all the latest fixes, improvements and new functionality that it has to offer. Do not hesitate to contact your GSX Account Manager if you want to learn more on how 9.2 can further improve your monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Here are only a few of the many new features and improvements available in this version:
  • This is a Dongle less version !!! Yes you no longer need a dongle to run GSX Monitor. This is especially important if you are moving or interested in moving to a VMWare platform.
  • Full support of BES 5.0 and monitoring of the new BES 5 services
  • BlackBerry Log Scanning (report Hung Threads, track mail delivery failures, report BES system errors, etc)
  • Improved Exchange 2007 monitoring capabilities (mail queues, pending/bad mails, quotas, ...)
  • Improved Mail routing feature (send mail probes using either Domino or SMTP, check mail probes using Domino, POP3 or IMAP4, etc)
  • With GSX Analyzer, you can now send emails with a scheduled trend report as a PDF or CSV file including graphs, Add BlackBerry Log reports, and even generate trends that will allow you to compare statistics among multiple servers over a period of time. This new feature lets you automatically generate and deliver content rich reports that you can customize to suit your organizational information requirements. Select only the specific graphs that you wish to present in your report to ensure that you highlight critical data without sacrificing details.
For more information on this new version, we recommend that you either read this summary document ("GSX Monitor 9.2 - new features and improvements") or access the full release notes

GSX Monitor and Analyzer 9.2 is available right now for upgrade or evaluation on our web site. 

2. GSX and Bluewave Partnership

On June 30th, we have announced a strategic partnership and collaboration agreement between Bluewave Technology Group and GSX to offer our clients a full range of value add technical services.

This initiative was born out of the increasing demand from our clients for technical services to compliment our monitoring and reporting solutions and to better leverage their collaboration environments in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

To further assist our clients in configuring and maintaining their unique collaborative infrastructures, we have come together and developed a flexible framework for service delivery that will let our customers select and extensive health check or select from targeted categories based on their specific business requirements. These checks will be conducted by experienced consultants who will offer real world recommendations combined with industry best practices standards.

Your existing GSX implementation will be tailored to ensure that you maximize your investment in your collaborative infrastructure and meet critical business availability requirements.

The available modules you will be able to choose from are:

  • Messaging Environment
  • Security
  • Performance / Availability (Servers and Databases)
  • User Account Management
  • Sametime
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server Performance
  • Domino HTTP Server Performance
For more information:

- Read a more complete outline of the Services Offering here (you will need to register to our web site if you are not a member yet) or

- Contact Eileen Fitzgerald at

Recent and Upcoming Events

1. Our First North American GSX Seminar was a great success:

For years, GSX had organized its annual corporate event in its R&D Center in Nice (France). For the first time, we decided to do it in the US and it proved to be a great success. We partnered with the first US Lotus Notes User Group (Iamlug) and held this one day seminar in St Louis, MO on August 5th.

We were joined by 29 people representing 23 different companies (a few existing clients and a majority of new potential customers) for a day packed with great sessions and amazing speakers (including Chris Miller from Connectria, Paul Mooney from Bluewave, Mary Beth Raven from IBM, Paul Steel from RIM and even one of our biggest client for an actual deployment testimonial).

The feedback from our attendees was great and we are now more than ever convinced of the importance of holding such events on both sides of the Atlantic so that all our European and North American clients and partners can meet us and benefit from our guest speakers insight. We are thinking of holding a GSX Seminar in France, US and possibly Asia starting in 2010. Stay tuned...

2. Join GSX at the UK LUG on October 8-9 2009 in Edinburgh

This is a great opportunity to meet fellow Lotus Professionals, to share experiences and best practices at one of the largest Lotus gatherings in the UK. This is a free event so register now.

Our own Eileen Fitzgerald, VP of Product Management and Customer Delivery will be hosting two sessions this year:
Learn what Admins need to focus on to effectively manage their Domino environments and how to translate this into management reports to prove that they really are doing something. Learn key ITIL Capacity and Availability Management principles and how to apply them to your Domino Infrastructure.

A great session for Admins to learn how to control their developers via ITIL Release Management processes to ensure that they deliver applications into production that meet business requirements in a timely and efficient manner. It may also reduce friction between Admins and developers and reduce the body count when developers want to introduce something into production.

Learn how important Application monitoring is as part of the Release and Change Management processes.

Make sure to meet with EIleen
 and discuss with her how GSX can further assist you with reporting and application performance monitoring.

4. Upcoming GSX on-line webinars

Starting Wednesday September 16th, we will start offering weekly one-hour on-line webinars to provide more insight on the different solutions offered by GSX. Those events are free to attend but require pre-registration. Check the entire list of technical webinars and register HERE

  • September 16th, 2009, 11AM EST: "General presentation of GSX messaging and collaboration platforms monitoring and reporting solutions "
  • September 23rd, 2009, 11AM EST: "GSX Analyzer"
  • September 30th, 2009, 11AM EST: " GSX Monitor For BlackBerry Enterprise Servers "
  • October 7th, 2009, 11AM EST:" GSX Monitor for Exchange"
  • October 14th, 2009, 11AM EST: " GSX Monitor for Domino messaging and Applications"
  • October 21st, 2009, 11AM EST: " GSX ID Manager and GSX Server Guard"

5. "Did you know?"

GSX is well known for monitoring your Domino, Exchange and BlackBerry Enterprise servers. But we are also one of the few monitoring systems in the market today that is specifically designed to monitor and report on the SERVICE that you deliver to your customers.

In todays service oriented world,  the concept of delivering IT as a service has become commonplace in organizations.  The IT department more frequently operates as a service delivery organization within the larger organization, delivering IT as a service to the business. In a service delivery environment, it is important to ensure to have metrics and deliverables pertaining to the quality of delivery and ensure that the customer (the business) expectations are set and met. Hence frequently the business and IT departments agree on SLA's (Service Level Agreements). SLA's are quantifiable metrics that measure the quality of the service that you are delivering to the customer. An SLA associated with your collaborative environment could potentially be your service availability per day / week / month.

This definition of service availability vs server is important and a unique aspect on how GSX lets you monitor your collaborative environments. GSX is installed as a client and from the client polls the server to check on the service availability. One KEY differentiator of GSX, is that if the server rejects the clients request (a potential reason is because it is too busy), your ordinary end user may not notice (simply see a delay as the client re-tires immediately) but GSX will notice and report a failure.

This is an exceptionally powerful aspect of GSX as it enables you to monitor and manage your Service availability to a very granular level and effectively address issues before your customers even notices any disruption in service. While it can appear confusing to customers that GSX is reporting Alerts when the Server appears to be up and running. this is because GSX is informing you of a disruption in Service vs one on the Server.

An actual example of this happened with a customer who complained that GSX was reporting server outages when the server was actually up and running and inaccurately reporting the Availability SLA. Upon investigation, it was discovered that some of the  KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators ) related to server availability ( RAM, Server availability index, the % of CPU utilization) were regularly maxed out. So while the Server was up and running, it was still rejecting client requests and hence periodically the service was not available to the business.

However each organization is different and will have different requirements on reporting levels of service.
While it is exceptionally important to know and understand when your server is being maxed out and rejecting client connections, you may not need to be alerted unless your service is unavailable for a period of time. This is why Monitor gives you to the option to set up a retry frequency (when to retry to poll in minutes after a down alert is first logged ) and an Alert Threshold (in minutes ) i.e how long the server can be marked as down before sending an Alert.

This document is  meant to keep you informed about new events, new versions, new partners, etc. But it should also be a way for you to communicate with us. Whether you are a partner, a client or a prospect, your feedback is important to us so feel free to let us know how we can improve the content of this monthly newsletter as well as what are some of the new features/functionality you would like to see become part of GSX Monitor, ServerGuard or ID Manager.
Send us your comments.