GSX ID Manager Presentation

View an Archive of a technical presentation of GSX ID Manager done on Dec 2nd at 10:30AM EST

During this webinar, you will get a deep dive technical presentation of GSX ID Manager. This is a great way to learn more about how GSX can help your organization, regardless of its size, automate all procedures associated with the creation, modification and removal of mailboxes. It puts a workflow “front end” on these common jobs so HR or departmental personnel can do them without involving a trained Domino Administrator. Learn how you can roll out or restrict functions to model your desired workflow and free up your Admin team for more pressing matters.

Target Audience:

  • IT Managers and Domino Administrators looking for better, more secure ways to allow relevant personnel (such as Managers, HR personnel) to automatically generate Notes IDs without requiring any special training without creating additional security risks.

- General overview of GSX ID Manager:
  • Create and delete user and server IDs
  • Rename users
  • Recertify user IDs
  • Move users within hierarchies
  • Update user information
  • Create and delete groups and assign new users to groups automatically
  • Add and remove members in groups
  • Create and delete mail-In database entries
  • Manage ID validity dates before or after expiration
  • Support Internet users, setting up non-Notes-client user records and assigning Internet passwords
  • Archive IDs, passwords, etc centrally.

- Learn how ID Manager can help you reduce your costs and human errors when managing IDs
- Learn how you can improve service and efficiency while increasing security and compliance

View the recording Archive HERE