Webinar: How to solve 5 Main Exchange Headaches?

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Messaging technologies have taken on increased importance as internal and external communications become more critical to a company’s success. As a result many Exchange administrators face additional pressure to keep their environment running at peak performance. Key among the issues administrators face are the following five constant headaches. 

Headache one: “I can’t keep up with user demands.”

In dynamic collaboration environments, administrators are constantly challenged to keep capacity ahead of user demand, within the usual budgetary constraints.

Headache two: “My servers are up but users are complaining.”

Even though servers are up and running, messages can be queuing awaiting delivery, resulting in email bottlenecks and escalating user complaints. There can be a big difference between nominal system performance and actual user experience.  

Headache three: “Writing PowerShell scripts is a daunting task.”

Using PowerShell scripting to monitor an Exchange environment can be a daunting task for Exchange administrators when they do not know how to automate the main cmdlets. It would be a complex experiment to provide a reliable and thorough monitoring solution.

Headache four: “What can I do to optimize my Exchange 2010 servers’ queues and manage thresholds?”

Many problems and incidents can be resolved or anticipated through a good management of the different Exchange 2010 queues: mails not sent or not delivered, slow down of the entire service, failure of the storage processes,etc.

Headache five: “I don't have control on my messaging environment when based in the cloud.”

The proliferation of Private Cloud usage in many large IT departments points out the balancing act of maintaining adequate service levels while controlling costs.

Why attend this 45-minute webinar?

In this free webinar you will see how our monitoring and reporting solution GSX Monitor and Analyzer provides administrators with relevant alerts and real time overview of the services that their infrastructure is truly delivering to the business lines. We will show you how our solution tracks the availability, the usage and the performance of your infrastructure so that you proactively detect emerging issue before they have a noticeable impact on the business.

Scheduled Dates:

December 6th, 2012
1 pm, Central Europe time zone
7 am, Eastern US Time zone

December 13th, 2012
11 am, Eastern US Time zone
5 pm, Central Europe time zone

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