ARCHIVE - Monitor Domino Servers and Applications

Access an archive recording of a technical presentation of how GSX can help you better manage and maintain your Domino servers and applications (recorded on Oct 14th 2009).

During this webinar, you will get a deep dive technical presentation of GSX's monitoring solution for Lotus Domino Servers and Applications. This is a great way to learn more about how GSX can help your organization, regardless of its size, better monitor, prevent down time, and maximize your critical messaging platform.

Target Audience:
  • Domino Mail Administrators interested in a tool that will help them reduce or even prevent costly down time by using a pro-active tool to detect and fix issues related to their Domino infrastructure before they turn into real problems and the users start calling.
  • IT Managers, CIOs interested in better understanding the health and status of their Domino infrastructure, better utilizing their existing Domino resources, meeting their SLAs and their ITIL requirements.

- General overview of GSX Monitor for Domino servers and applications
- Detailed presentation of Domino specific Server settings (for scanning, mail, Gateways,  Log scanning, Disk Space thresholds and Maintenance)
- See how you can access detailed graphs on Domino Key Performance Indicators (up to 3000 data points)
- See critical Replication, Mail Routing and Performance monitoring features
- Learn how you can better monitor your Servers (single and clusters), Tasks, LDAP, Databases, etc
- See how you can manage mail and databases (Pending/dead mail management, database performance, Database ACL, agent, size, usage, etc)
- and much more

View the archived recording HERE