ARCHIVE -Monitor your BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Access an Archive recording of our webinar session on how GSX Monitor can help you better manage and maintain your BlackBerry Enterprise Server Architecture, done on October 7th 2009 at 11AM (Eastern Time)

During this webinar, you will get a deep dive technical presentation of GSX's monitoring solution for BlackBerry Enterprise Servers. This is a great way to learn more about how GSX can help your organization, regardless of its size, better monitor, prevent down time, and maximize your critical mobile messaging platform.

Target Audience:
  • BES Administrators interested in a tool that will help them reduce or even prevent costly down time by using a pro-active tool to detect and fix issues related to their BES infrastructure before they turn into real problems and the users start calling.
  • IT Managers, CIOs interested in better understanding the health and status of their BES infrastructure, better utilizing their existing BES resources, meeting their SLAs and their ITIL requirements.

- General overview of GSX Monitor for BES
- Detailed presentation of BES specific Server settings (for scanning, mail, Log and Maintenance)
- See how you can access detailed graphs on BES Key Performance Indicators (up to 3000 data points)
- See critical Replication, Mail Routing and Performance monitoring features
- Learn how you can manage users, create specific alerts for critical and non-critical users
- Create probes to check your entire communication stream (from your BES server, your SRP connection, all the way to the actual status of your carrier network)
- and much more

View the Archive recording HERE